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General Enquiries

You may register an account with online by filling the account signup form here

Here at Vlom, it is our moral obligation and duty to provide safety and security to all our clients, taking into consideration of all strict international regulations and laws. For more details, please read our safety of funds precautions.

Vlom allows you to invest in multiple markets with over 2000 instruments available, including currencies, stocks, commodities and digital currencies.

Currencies trading is open 24 hours 5 days a week, from Monday 00:00:30 GMT+3 to Friday 23:57:59 GMT+3. Metal trading is available from Monday 01:00:00 GMT+3 to Friday 23:57:59 GMT+3. There is specific time pause from 23:59:00 GMT+3 to 00:01:00 GMT+3 each day.

No. Vlom is always in compliance with industry's international regulations, therefore citizens of United States of America are not allowed to trade or invest through our systems.

Trading Questions

The minimum order volume on all trading accounts of Vlom is set to 0.01 lot.

Vlom offers the option to trade a big position with just a tiny amount of trading capital, by setting your leverage up to 1:400.

Vlom provides you with VlomTrader, the popular and advanced multi-asset platform, for trading currencies, metals, stock exchange instruments and hundreds of other derivative assets.

Account Questions

If you’ve forgotten your password, click here to reset it. In case you cannot remember your registered username (email address), please get in touch for further assistance.

Entirely. For your best security, our servers are completely encrypted with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, an important security asset that enables maximum protection against any fraudulent activities.

Totally. Vlom allows you to transfer funds between your own trading accounts.

While logged in your personal account, you can easily change your password by filling the related form

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