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Commodity Trading

What are Commodities?

Commodity Trading

Vlom enriches your trading portfolio by offering the world’s most known commodities, including agriculture and energies, assets that can be traded whenever needed, without even owning it.

Many traders are often attracted to Commodity markets since they can speculate on the market due to drastic fluctuations in supply and demand, inflation changes or even weather conditions. On our MetaTrader 5 trading platform, investors can trade agricultural, metal and energy products.

What are Commodities?

Considered as any physical good within a market or business, commodities are divided into 2 different categories, soft and hard:

  • Soft commodities are goods that are purely grown and produced, rather than excavated, and extremely depended to climate conditions that have great impact in agricultural products, like Corn, Wheat, Coffee and Sugar.
  • On the other hand, Hard commodities are natural elements, which are either extracted or mined. For instance, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, precious metals like Silver and Gold, and plenty other energy products. Trading this part of commodities allows traders to speculate on the spot price, since energy contracts are typically traded against the US Dollar.

Why Commodities?

  • 20+ commodities

    Investors can trade agriculture, metals along with energy products.

  • More exposure

    Gain exposure to the price rise and fall without taking physical provision of the product.

  • High liquidity

    Fast, reliable pricing aggregated from top Tier-1 liquidity providers.

  • Premier execution

    Premier execution with low latency at the leverage level of your choice.

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